A small, talkative spirit which spouts endlessly about arcade games.



Chatterbox Ghost
Harmless Haunting
Sudden Total Recall
Ethereal Poke
Fearful Spirit


Barely Planar – Tetra is immune to both physical and mental stress, but can still be frightened or intimidated.

Accidental Help – Once per session, +1 to a party members Lore roll.

Legendary Stunts

Age of Information 8BIT Outburst – Amaze.


Very Passionate Spirit

The Tetris pieces are officially called L, J, S, Z, I, O, and T. The S and Z blocks are often called “squigglies”, the O is called “square”, and the I is called “line piece”.

Tetra is a harmless entity which resides in the Sheridan’s Peak Quickshot Arcade. She enjoys to talk about video games of any sort, from Pacman to Tetris. She has existed for hundreds of years, and can be infatuated with a topic for decades. Previous interests have included Japanese Bushido, Gothic Horror novels, Gladiator sports and Heraldry.


Sheridan's Peak Scorchwalker