The Spirit of the Silverwood Forest.



Hungry like the Wolf
Walking Conflagration
In Sheeps Clothing
Lunatic Eyes
Primordial Fire


What a Big Smile You Have – +2 to all Intimidate and Charm tests.

Ancient Natural Order – Gives the aspect “Afraid” to all animals and lesser spirits in her presence.

Effortless Inferno – Can invoke Primordial Fire for free.

Legendary Stunts

Unbind the Scorchwalker – Witness.

Emberwind Song of the Inferno Before – Immolate.


The Girl of the Glade

I was meant to be yours.
We were meant to be one.
Don’t give up on me now!
Finish what we’ve begun.
You were meant to be mine.
I am all that you need.
You carved open my heart!
Can’t just leave me to bleed!

A small, almost human looking creature, with two wolfish ears and a tail. There is a slight red tint to her eyes, and she dresses in simple woolen clothing. She represents the soul and energy of the Silverwood Forest, and claims to be older than the most ancient trees.

She is generally cheerful, spirited and happy to be free in the wilds, but under this innocence lies an intelligence far beyond that which her appearance suggests. Passionate and driven by her desires, Silverwood goes after what she wants and will claim it at any length. A patient hunter indeed.

Arguably one of the most powerful spirits in Sheridan’s Peak, she has control of primordial fire hailing from long before civilization. Most supernatural entities can sense the raw energy in her presence, and mostly choose to stay out of the way.

Though clearly familiar with the region, she is extremely out of touch with human culture, with her last proper human contact many centuries ago. She has a strong disregard for minor human mages and believes that most mortals are just a candle in the wind.


Sheridan's Peak Scorchwalker