River Demon

A knowledgeable spirit which can answer any question, for a price.



Cthonic Horror of the River
Ice Cold Bargain
Dark Depths
Subjugate Secrets
Crunch Bones, Snap Limbs


Only Glowing Red Eyes – The River Demon cannot be seen whilst it is submerged beneath the water.

Nightmare Break – +4 to Fight on the first round of combat.

Legendary Stunts

Dagon’s Bottomless Maw of Debtor’s Despair – Devour.


Beast of Murky Truths

“No price is too high for what I OFFER!”

The so called River Demon is a powerful spirit which lurks in the dark waters of Dirkchase Tarn. It holds knowledge of many elusive things, even whispers and secrets. It will provide those in need of answers with the clarity they seek, though it comes at terrible cost.

Visible only as a pair of glowing eyes amidst a tremendous writhing shadow, its deep and sonorous voice echoes around the forest clearing when he speaks.

Its true origins are unknown, but most tales speak of an ancient keeper, fallen from grace, exiled, and cursed to live in eternal darkness.

Known to the Crow Tribe as “That which demands more than man can pay”, its pool is littered with the bones of natives and settlers alike, their spiral of debt taking them to its dark depths. Though this power to give information is greatly useful in any situation, it should only be an Investigator’s last resort, lest they befall the same fate.

River Demon

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