Ada Lovewine

An elderly powerful bloodwitch, and matriarch of the Lovelace family.



Grandma stands for Grandmaster
My Favourite Vintage
Deliciously Vain
Mistress of Magic
Exotic Spellbook


Transfusion – Whenever Ada Lovewine marks a Consequence box on an opponent, restore one of her stress boxes.

Enthralled – May use Will instead of Persuade in all situations.

Legendary Stunts

Crimson Rite of Hemoarcane Catastrophe – Pulse.

The Blood is the Life! – Devour.


A Certain Exquisite Woman

Ada Lovewine is an elegant and beautiful woman who speaks with a distinctive New Hampshire accent. She is never seen in anything other than finery, wearing a mischievous wry smile.

The mother of wealthy Sheridan’s Peak resident Gerard Lovewine, and grandmother of his daughter Patricia. She has been gone from the town for nearly two decades, having returned only recently.

Ada Lovewine

Sheridan's Peak Scorchwalker