Welcome to Sheridan's Peak,

Sheridan's Peak is a supernatural investigation game set in small town America during the late 1980s, featuring gifted young sleuths on their mission to unravel the mystery of the Silverwood Forest.

Prepare for enigmatic spirits, ravenous demons, exotic mythology and an intricately tangled web of adventure that will keep your mind racing on what move to make next.

Provided with a detective journal, and making use of photos, articles and newspaper clippings, it falls to you to save the town of Sheridan's Peak from a terrible fate. Along the way you will make friends, enemies, and encounter dozens of unique paranormal characters in an environment buzzing with detail, whilst also discovering your own newfound abilities.

Using the FATE system for dramatic and narrative driven fights and social combat, creating an Investigator is much more than simply filling in a character sheet, and creative problem solving is greatly encouraged!

Loosely structured, the adventure follows the decisions of the players, where and what to look into, which choices to make, and who to trust. The world has great depth for a lore hungry player, and those looking for a challenge will not be disappointed.

Will you go out in the woods today?

Sheridan's Peak